CBD Please Fix my Sh*tty day

I wake up every morning happy, excited walk out and make my coffee. Go wake my beautiful angel children who are 14 an 12 (probably old enough to have their own freaking alarm set and get themselves up and going a thought that crosses my mind every weekday!) I hear groans, fake complaints of nearly death symptoms and excuses they cannot attend school nor even move for that matter. The next 20 mins is spent singing obnoxious songs and amusing myself, which pathetically Ive learned to become comical to see what song it takes for them to finally get up...

The next rushed 10-20 minutes becomes a blur... "Mom, can you please drive me to school?" "Mom can you make me a bagel?" "Mom can you make me pizza for lunch?" Mom, can you email my teacher "this BS they think will be more believable if you send it"...?")

Chaos over. A faked moment of quiet, but Ill taker it! Kids are at school and on time too boot!

Does CBD really help a this point? I think so. I did a small bit of research to help support the random thoughts I frequently have and I think it actually does. But can it help you to feel appreciated? That part is up to you? Sure, a bath while soaking in one of our amazing bath bombs will leave you relaxed. I am the world's biggest skeptic, you best believe me! BUT I will sell, well, my... right shoe, and lets leave it at that. But really, more than that.

Please, take a moment for yourself and try this. I hate taking a moment for myself, but sometimes we all have to. And what better than a bath or a few quick moments to yourself to breath, relax and compose?

I challenge you to try Uptown Remedies. I am giving 50% off all products in store for the next 24 hours, til tomorrow at 7pm CST April 6, 2021.

Y'all give it a try. Im no salesman, but I believe in this stuff, and after today! I need this bath!

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